01. We've always had excellent [relations] with our neighbors. In fact, we even holiday together every summer.
02. [Relations] between the African nations of Senegal and the Gambia are friendly, and the people trade with each other, and cross their borders without problem.
03. Karl Marx, founder of communism, believed that economic [relations] are the most important [relations] among people.
04. I wonder if this fellow Jean Pouyanne is any [relation] to my wife Anne Pouyanne. It's a pretty rare name, so it's quite possible.
05. The administration has made great efforts to establish a positive [relation] with the union, with the result that this company has never experienced a labor strike.
06. There is a very clear [relation] between the use of illegal drugs and petty crime in this city.
07. We are planning a trip across the country to visit our [relations] here and there next summer.
08. In the summer of 2000, Canada established full diplomatic [relations] with North Korea, only the third country in the world to do so.
09. The work culture in this country is quite confrontational in its [relations] between management and labor.
10. Research suggests that women are attached to social [relations] at work.
11. Participating in local events, such as sports tournaments, is a good way of developing community [relations].
12. In 1988, Morocco and Algeria restored diplomatic [relations] after 12 years of bitter political disputes.
13. England has always maintained a friendly [relationship] with the United States.
14. Paul was considering breaking up with Judy because he felt their [relationship] wasn't really going anywhere.
15. The [relationship] between smoking and cancer is well known.
16. He's my [relation] by marriage. He married my auntie.
17. She has invited all her [relations] to the wedding.
18. I'm not sure what the [relationship] is between Anne and Jacques, but I know they're connected somehow.
19. Jason was in a [relationship] with Layla for about four years before he met Julie.
20. All her [relations] died in concentration camps during the Second World War.
21. A French proverb notes that the rich man has more [relations] than he knows about.
22. A Japanese proverb remarks that even in hell you meet [relations].
23. Chimpanzee mothers often develop lifelong [relationships] with their offspring, just as we do.
24. Studies show that many people who lose their ability to smell due to an accident or disease also lose their desire for sexual [relations].
25. Oscar Wilde once suggested that after a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own [relations].
26. Jacques Delille once observed that fate chooses your [relations], but you choose your friends.
27. Cornelius Tacitus once noted that no hatred is so bitter as that of near [relations].
28. Oscar Wilde once stated, "I can't help detesting my [relations]. I suppose it comes from the fact that none of us can stand other people having the same faults as ourselves."
29. Anthony J. D'Angelo once advised, "Treasure your [relationships], not your possessions."
30. Actress Jane Fonda once said, "My husband said he wanted to have a [relationship] with a redhead, so I dyed my hair."
31. Alexander Penney once said that the ultimate test of a [relationship] is to disagree, but hold hands.
32. In [relation] to its size, the grasshopper has the greatest jumping ability of all animals.
33. My family is [related] to a man who ran a chocolate business in London, England before the war.
34. You know, if you go back far enough, we are all [related].
35. Your health problems are obviously [related] to your lack of regular physical activity.
36. Some languages take longer to learn, depending on their degree of [relatedness] to your native language.
37. Smoking is specifically [related] to about 87 percent of lung cancer cases in this country.
38. Mercury and Mars, as well as our moon, form a family of [related] planets which experienced similar sequences of events in their early histories.
39. The melody and rhythm of the music of Ancient Greece were intimately [related] to the melody and rhythm of poetry.
40. Karl Marx claimed that everything that happens in society is caused by economic [relationships].

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